Vertigo Healing After Laser Kidney Stone Surgery?

Illustration of Vertigo Healing After Laser Kidney Stone Surgery?
Illustration: Vertigo Healing After Laser Kidney Stone Surgery?

Good afternoon .. A week ago my father had laser surgery for kidney stones and he had a stend in his kidney. Then now he’s been outpatient, but there is a complaint in the head of vertigo, the body of Lemaas can’t do frequent urination. I asked whether these complaints are a common thing in patients after kidney stone surgery and will heal by itself or are there other problems ?? please enlighten me .. Thank you

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Hello Afriani.

Thank you for the question.

Vertigo is a sudden, spinning sensation of yourself or your surroundings. Vertigo is caused by:

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo anemia, brain tumors, strokes, disorders of the inner ear of Meniere's disease, migraines infected with Herpes zoster or snake pox on the face to the ears: Ramsay Hunt syndrome injury to the head and neck the use of damaging drugs ear other conditions such as hypoglycemia, dehydration Direct laser surgery and inserting a tube in the kidney does not cause vertigo. However, it is necessary to know other conditions such as the presence or absence of anemia which may be due to urinary tract bleeding. This bleeding can be caused by the kidney stone itself or after laser. Bleeding can be visible on the color of the urine or invisible or must be seen in the laboratory.

Some of the dangers of vertigo are worth knowing:

Difficulty doing daily activities falling due to a dangerous loss of balance when driving a vehicle in Meniere's disease can lose hearing as a sign of suffering from a stroke. Immediately consult your vertigo complaint to a neurologist so you can know the exact cause.

The suggestions that I can give:

Immediately sit down if vertigo strikes, rest enough to avoid sudden body movements consume more water This is my explanation, hopefully it can answer the question


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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