Viral Check, Bacteria, Parasites

Illustration of Viral Check, Bacteria, Parasites
Illustration: Viral Check, Bacteria, Parasites

Dear Mother and Doctor u003cbr u003, I hope you will be given health and always in TYME protection.

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Hello Ibrahim, thank you for asking

What you feel can be a symptom of an illness. Need to dig deeper since when do you feel these symptoms? Then what have you been drinking to treat the symptoms that occur?

Your skin rash can be caused by many things. Starting from viral infections, bacteria, fungi, parasites, or an allergic reaction. So even with nausea, vomiting that occurs. It could also be because your stomach acid increases, causing nausea. The symptoms that you feel are accompanied by weight loss. Drastic weight loss can be caused by several things including:

TB (Tuberculosis). In tuberculosis will also appear other symptoms associated with respiratory system disorders. In addition, it can also be accompanied by a lump around the neck.
Malignancy / cancer. Cancer is an abnormal cell growth that can spread and attack other parts of the body.
HIV-AIDS. This disease damages the body's immune system, so the immune system for immunity decreases. Because of decreased immunity, people infected with this virus will be vulnerable to various diseases

You should immediately check yourself to the doctor of internal medicine. The doctor will conduct a medical interview and a more detailed examination. If necessary, additional investigations will be carried out to ensure the diagnosis of your illness.

I hope this helps


dr. Sussy

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