Illustration of VIRUS CORONA
Illustration: VIRUS CORONA

Good evening, my Navyta from Kediri would like to ask my child to cough about 1 weekly. Yesterday, I heard the news that Surabaya was determined as a local transmission area of ​​Covid-19. Anyone who has a history of travel to Sby has symptoms of ARI, then he has entered the suspect category, if he is healthy / there are no symptoms, including ODR, it happens that the neighboring front of the house runs out of Sby and accidentally yesterday my son played at my neighbor’s house who had been traveling to Sby, and at that time my neighbor’s son was coughing. What should I do about the dock? What action should I take? Because my child is still coughing until now, I only gave Tempra yesterday, only Tempra and now there is no fever anymore. please direct me if I have to take the child to the hospital so that it can be followed up quickly or how to request guidance. Thank you

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Hello navyta,

Thank you for the question.

Some cities in Indonesia have indeed been designated as red zones, due to the presence of local transmission COVID-19, Surabaya is no exception. Therefore, if your neighbor's child has traveled out of the city, then he has respiratory problems, including fever and coughing, then he can be classified as a suspect (person with supervision) COVID-19. And, if your child comes in close contact with this suspect, then he also has a fever and cough, then the status can be the same, namely as suspect COVID-19.

Even so, in addition to COVID-19, there are many other factors that can also make a child fever and cough, for example viral or other bacterial infections (including influenza, streptococcus, etc.), allergies, foreign body aspiration, bronchitis, acid reflux , etc. So, if not seen by a doctor, it is uncertain whether your child's body has a new Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) or not.

Presumably, if your child's symptoms are mild, you can treat the condition at home first. Being rushed to take him to the hospital in an outbreak like this would make him more at risk of contracting dangerous diseases. At home, the following steps can be applied:

Isolate children at home, don't let them do their activities outside the home
Use a mask and wash your hands with soap and running water every time you come in contact with children. Wash your hands too after contact with your child.
Separate rooms, places to eat and drink, and any personal equipment owned by your child from others in your home
If you have a fever, give your child paracetamol
Do not carelessly give children other drugs without doctor's advice
Increase your child's endurance, as well as those around the child (including you) with adequate rest, eat healthy food, do not get tired of activities, and regularly exercise
Put the child in the sun in the morning (before 9 o'clock) to reduce the cough
Improve children's personal hygiene and the surrounding environment
Keep the child away from things that make him allergic

You can check your child directly to the doctor or pediatrician if the cough does not improve for a long time, or if other signs of danger appear, such as high fever for more than 3 days, spasms, vomiting, weakness, and other more severe complaints.

Hope this helps ...

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