Vision Becomes Far Away Even Though The Distance From The Object Is Normal?

Illustration of Vision Becomes Far Away Even Though The Distance From The Object Is Normal?
Illustration: Vision Becomes Far Away Even Though The Distance From The Object Is Normal?

Hello I want to ask. Why when looking at the writing or laptop screen, basically the letters and numbers of my eyes are so far away from the object even though my distance from the object is normal, and it makes me dizzy for a long time to want to vomit. Please help me to reply, am I minus or is there something else?

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Thank you for asking I am dr. Princess Claudya will answer your questions.

A view that appears to be away from the object's distance is actually called teleopsia. First of all, I need to confirm beforehand whether you use glasses for nearsightedness / minus glasses? If so, it could be that the object shrinks / moves away due to the use of your glasses. Concave glasses will make the image you see smaller than it actually is, and this is a common occurrence for someone who uses concave lenses.

However, if you are not wearing sunken lenses, the complaints you feel can be caused by the following:

Pulsed headache (migraine): distant vision can be found in migraine cases, although not always
Eye fatigue (asthenopia): for example, after looking at the computer for too long, the vision can appear blurry and distant
Alice in Wonderland syndrome: a brain perception disorder in which the image formed by the brain does not match the reality, which can enlarge (macropsia), shrink (micropsia), or move away (teleopsia).
Brain tumor
Hallusination: for example due to the effects of drug / alcohol intoxication

To ascertain the cause of your complaint, it's a good idea to consult further with an ophthalmologist / neurologist to be examined directly. The doctor will further explore the course of your disease and will perform a detailed examination of nerve and eye function to determine the exact condition of your complaint. If necessary, the doctor will carry out supporting examinations such as a CT scan, EEG, or urine examination to see the levels of the substance you are consuming. And after that the doctor will provide treatment for you according to the underlying condition.

Things you can do to prevent worsening and relieve symptoms are:

Get enough rest, sleep 7-8 hours a day
Eat nutritious foods, especially those containing vitamins A, B complex, E, C, omega 3 to support eye health and nerve function, which you can find in vegetables, fruits and meats
Avoid staring at the computer for too long. Do the 20 principle, which is every 20 minutes looking at the computer, resting your eyes for 20 seconds by looking at objects that are 20 feet away
Avoid consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, and illegal drugs
Use sunglasses every time you are exposed to UV rays to avoid glare
Good stress management, for example with relaxation techniques or doing hobbies that you enjoy doing

If there are conditions such as vomiting, loss of consciousness, weakness in the limbs, the eye cannot see, you should immediately consult a doctor or the nearest emergency room for immediate treatment.

That is the explanation that I can give. Hopefully helpful and useful. Get well soon.


dr. Princess Claudya

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