Vision Becomes Out Of Focus After Eye Surgery?

Illustration of Vision Becomes Out Of Focus After Eye Surgery?
Illustration: Vision Becomes Out Of Focus After Eye Surgery? Bing

asww I’m not tired of asking and don’t get bored the doctor answered 2 weeks ago I had surgery, but I don’t know what surgery I only heard from the eye doctor who handled was cleaning the eye lens, the next day I was controlled by the doctor saying the lens could not be installed because there was still inflammation What I want to ask is whether after the surgery my eyes were without lenses. Because after the surgery my eyes did have a change in vision but they didn’t focus, like seeing shadows, I tried to see at home with the help of a magnifying lens which I usually like to use to see small things. , vision can be clear and slightly focused the second thing I want to ask about the first operation in September 2017. I underwent surgery and did not feel pain, but why did the second surgery hurt even though the first operation and the second time were both under local anesthesia, thank you

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From the information you conveyed, your history of eye complaints so far are veterinary bleeding, cataracts, uveitis, glaucoma, and high blood pressure. The history of these health conditions is interrelated, and needs to be controlled before further action is taken, for example, eye surgery needs to be postponed if the inflammation process is still found or there is still an increase in pressure in the eyeball or an excessive increase in blood pressure.

Therefore, it is necessary to know in full your condition before surgery, indications for surgery, what surgery was performed, and what results of surgery are expected. Thus, the last operation you did in the form of cleaning the lens needs to be clarified, so that you can provide us with more detailed information regarding your last condition, and you get better information from the discussion you had.

Even if you can provide this information, then the inflammation that occurs may be caused by uveitis, because uveitis causes complications such as glaucoma, the presence of inflammatory cells, fibrin causing snechiae in the lens, cataracts, complications in the nerves, retinal detachment or detachment or damage to the retina so that cause visual disturbances in the eye.

Therefore, this inflammatory process needs to be handled properly to avoid the risk of more severe complications in your eyes. Certain eye complications will be treated according to your doctor's plan, all you need to do is communicate and record it.

So, if your doctor states that you can't install an auxiliary lens, only cleaning the lens, then chances are there is still a lens in your eye. But because the action has been taken, then you can feel more comfortable than before. Further action, possibly carried out according to the doctor's plan, is when the inflammation has been controlled.

In connection with the complaints of pain that you feel at this time, it may be caused by an inflammatory process in the uvea that is still not well controlled. And even though the condition of the disease being treated is the same, every time there may be differences in accompanying complaints, depending on the results of the examination and your clinical condition. Therefore, the presence or absence of accompanying pain complaints needs to be confirmed directly by your eye doctor.

And overall, the management of eye inflammation or uveitis needs to be controlled as optimally as possible to prevent the risk of other eye diseases and prevent complications from getting uveitis from getting worse, such as glaucoma and retinal disorders.

That's the information we can convey, read also uveitis.

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