Vit.c Injection

Illustration of Vit.c Injection
Illustration: Vit.c Injection

Want to ask the doctor … the first injection of vit.c. Are there changes?

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Hello, thank you for the question to

You should clarify your question first, what changes do you mean?

Basically, injection of vitamin C is never recommended to be done independently and should only be done by a doctor for certain medical indications. Medical indications for injection of vitamin C, among others, to overcome vitamin C deficiency, and can also be given to help treat certain diseases (one of which is for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 who experience severe symptoms that require treatment in the ICU).

If you are injecting vitamin C for other purposes (such as for beauty purposes, for example), you need to know that the benefits of injecting vitamin C for this are not known with certainty (still controversial). If you do vitamin C injections to maintain endurance, it would be better if you increase the consumption of foods that contain lots of vitamin C alone, or consume oral vitamin C supplements only (no need to inject).

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