Vit C Which Is Safe For Children Over 2 Years?

Hello, I want to ask what vitamin C recommendations are safe for children aged 2 years and over u0026amp; the dose is in order to be sufficient for vitamin C intake (as a booster so it is not susceptible to influenza virus or other viruses). Thanks.

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Hello Anggi,

Thank you for the question.

Adequate nutrition is indeed an important role in supporting the immune system. With a strong immune system, our risk for contracting infections (including Corona virus infections that are spreading lately) will be smaller. And even if already infected, then our potential to experience dangerous disease complications can be minimized.

In fact, nutrition to increase body resistance is not only vitamin C, but also a variety of vitamins and other minerals. But indeed, compared to other vitamins and minerals, the role of vitamin C is among the greatest.

For children, it is not advisable to give drugs or supplements carelessly, especially if done in the long term (more than 2 weeks), even though the aim is only to increase endurance. Because, the dosage of drugs and supplements for each child can certainly be different, not only influenced by age, but also his posture and general health condition. It's safer, if you want to increase your child's endurance, before going to the doctor, you first do the following efforts:

 Give your child a variety of foods and drinks whose nutritional value is balanced, complete with fruits that are bright and runny --- specifically for vitamin C you can get from several foods, such as guava, lemon, sprouts, or tomatoes Don't be accustomed to giving children instant food, let alone familiarize him snacking carelessly Get used to the child maintain good hygiene himself, such as by bathing and washing hands regularly Keep the environment around the child to stay clean, avoid dust, smoke, cold, pollution, dry or even moist air, and the substance others that often trigger disease Do not let the child carelessly kissed or shook his hand by someone else Give the child complete immunization according to the doctor's advice Do not bring the child out of the house, especially in a crowd, except for emergency matters Make sure everyone who comes in contact with the child's body clean, not being cold, coughing, runny nose, or sneezing Create a sleep schedule and wake up a child who regularly according to the age of the child (for children 2 years, the recommended sleep time ranges from 10 to 14 hours a day) That's all our explanation. If you want to give your child additional vitamin supplements, you should first check it with your doctor or pediatrician yes ..

I hope this helps.

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