Vital Organs?

Illustration of Vital Organs?
Illustration: Vital Organs?

I want to ask what .. forced sex will risk pregnancy or .. vaginal damage! Previously, I apologize for my question if there is something sensitive or an objectionable word !!

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Climax (orgasm) can be experienced by anyone, either woman or man. In women, this orgasm is influenced by:

Psychological conditions Physical stamina, including in relation to the activities undertaken, exercise Hormonal conditions, for example related to the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or menopause Forced sexual relations can affect a woman's psychological condition, making her feel afraid, anxious, sad, panic, and so on. This condition can affect hormonal balance, including hormones that regulate orgasm. As a result, many women fail to experience orgasm and pleasure during sexual intercourse in forced sexual intercourse. In addition, this inhibition of orgasm will also affect the activity of glandular cells around the cervix and vaginal canal so that it fails to produce adequate sexual lubricants. As a result, sexual intercourse can be painful and facilitate injury, not only to the vagina, but to other reproductive organs in it. Furthermore, this injury can also increase the risk of transmitting infections, including sexually transmitted infections (eg HIV / AIDS).

In connection with pregnancy, this condition is still possible, whether in forced sexual relations or not. This is because pregnancy occurs when a sperm cell meets and fertilizes an egg. Therefore, even if a woman has an orgasm or not, as long as there is penetration and ejaculation in the vagina, sperm cells can still enter and fertilize the egg, causing pregnancy. This pregnancy has the greatest potential if the sexual intercourse is carried out during the fertile period.

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dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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