Vitamin A For Babies Aged 10 Months?

Illustration of Vitamin A For Babies Aged 10 Months?
Illustration: Vitamin A For Babies Aged 10 Months?


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Vitamin A is a micronutrient that the body needs and is not produced by the human body. Vitamin A is obtained from breast milk, food (carrots, green vegetables, yellow fruits, eggs, cheese, liver, fish), and supplements. The Indonesian government includes the provision of high doses of vitamin A in health programs that are carried out every February and August at Puskesmas, posyandu, pustu, and other health facilities. Children aged 6-11 months are given blue vitamin A capsules (dose 100,000 IU) and children 12-59 months are given red vitamin A capsules (dose 200,000 IU). Giving high doses of vitamin A has been studied in various countries to have great benefits for children, such as:

Reducing child mortality Reducing the incidence of diarrhea Reducing the severity of the child getting measles Preventing eye disorders such as xeroftalmia which can lead to blindness Increase endurance For babies aged 7-12 months, the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) or the amount of nutritional requirements recommended for vitamin A per day is about 500 mcg (1700 IU) and a maximum of 600 mcg (2000 IU). Excessive daily vitamin A supplementation will cause deposits in the liver. Excess vitamin A or hypervitaminosis A is usually rare and mild in nature, some cases of excess vitamin A cause skin irritation, nausea, vomiting, increased intracranial pressure (pressure in the skull - a symptom in babies, one of which is a prominent crown)

Giving additional supplements to infants should always consult about the dosage and duration of administration to a pediatrician. Because as long as there is no abnormality in the child, the amount of vitamin A from a variety of foods, breast milk, and blue / red capsule supplements is sufficient for the child's needs. We recommend that before giving vitamin A blue capsules, first stop giving supplements from outside or if you want to continue giving them always report to the medical staff that your baby is taking regular vitamin A supplements.

That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it's useful.

Dr. Saphira Evani

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