Vitamin Enhancer For Baby’s Appetite For 10 Months?

Illustration of Vitamin Enhancer For Baby’s Appetite For 10 Months?
Illustration: Vitamin Enhancer For Baby’s Appetite For 10 Months?

pray for me girls aged 10 1/2 months … body weight 7.6 kg..high 70cm tall..I see on google, for 10 months of age, ideal weight of 8.6kg..for food, I cook rice team. .. mixed with chicken, n vegetables … for food / snacks I give bread and fruit … but my child has a history of getting sick or getting sick from people around … (coughing, runny nose and diarrhea) even though my child is classified as very active compared with friends of his age around the house … counting from January to yesterday my child has a prolonged cold cough … mid-February February coughs colds healed … but continued diarrhea .. diarrhea recovered fever … today has just gone down fever … for diarrhea , this is already the 2nd time … at the age of 7 months I was treated at the hospital because of diarrhea … for coughing colds, since the age of 3 months already easily attacked if there is an ad cough around a cold … after the middle of February my child did not want to eat. very difficult to be fed..various ways ud me do it for my child want to eat..but the results are nil .. the food is just sliced ​​in the mouth .. do not want to be swallowed even though I push with water .. even more often the food is overloaded … is there a solution a bit my child wants to eat ..? is there vitamins for immunity and appetite for 10 months.

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Hello Titah, thank you for using the service.

For a 10-month-old girl, her ideal weight would be around 8.5 kilograms. However, your child's body weight when compared to age, is still at the threshold of -2 elementary to 2 elementary, which means that your child's nutritional status is still in good nutritional status.

In general, young children are more susceptible to contracting the disease compared to adults, because the child's immune system is not yet too mature so they are more easily infected with viruses or germs. This can also be caused by the child's upper respiratory tract (including the ears and surrounding areas) not fully developing until after school age, and eating something with dirty hands so often experience coughing colds or diarrhea.

Unless coughing colds or diarrhea that lasts more than one week, and appears continuously, then I suggest to consult directly with a pediatrician, as well as consulting vitamins that are suitable for your child. But basically, if your child is still in good nutritional status, then you should not worry too much about vitamins that must be consumed to increase appetite.

The things you can do right now are:

Make sure your child's food, drinks or food utensils are clean so as to prevent bacterial contamination from entering the mouth Create a varied food menu and an attractive appearance Create a regular eating schedule every day Give your little one a delicious healthy snack Give a small but frequent meal. Such information that I can provide, hopefully can help you.

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