Vitamins For Pregnant Women?

Illustration of Vitamins For Pregnant Women?
Illustration: Vitamins For Pregnant Women?

Tonight, I want to ask what is the difference between licocalk and cals-95? And which is better for pregnant women? Now I am 8 months pregnant.

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The two supplements that you mentioned, both contain calcium at a dose of 500mg. Licokalk contains the active ingredient calcium lactate. Meanwhile, besides containing calcium, cal-95 also contains multivitamins and other minerals, including Natural Soy Isoflavone 20 mg, vit.D3 200 IU, vit.K1 25 mcg, mg 100 mg, Zn 5 mg, Boron 1 mg.
Both of these supplements are good for pregnant women. As for the selection to consider other types of supplements that mothers consume. Match the large dose of the content in all pregnant supplements that mothers consume with the needs of pregnant women. You can read here about the needs of pregnant women for multivitamins and minerals.
Meanwhile, mothers can also obtain vitamins and minerals from natural food ingredients. Don't forget to always eat foods that are healthy, clean and nutritious (high in calories and high in protein). Avoid processed and raw or partially cooked foods.
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