Vitamins For Stroke Sufferers?

Illustration of Vitamins For Stroke Sufferers?
Illustration: Vitamins For Stroke Sufferers?

Hello, good doctor. My father is 70 years old and just finished hospitalization because of a stroke with my left arm and face feeling numb, my father has diabetes and migrants. What treatment is good after a stroke with a history of diabetes and migraine. with the state of SKG and a history of diabetes and migrants may consume vit Omega 3? 3. Usually omega 3 is in the form of soft gel, how do you give it, should you open the soft gel? 4. Besides vit omega 3, are there any vit recommendations that are suitable for stroke conditions with a history of diabetes? Please advise. Let the doctor bless more and be healthier for those who consult. Thank you

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Hello Maraden, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Previously you have to understand is about stroke itself. Stroke is a lack of blood supply to the brain that can be caused by a blockage / broken blood vessel which can later cause the brain to lack of oxygen and damage / death of these brain cell tissues.

All you have to remember is that if there has been a death of the brain cells certain parts of the damage that will result is irreversible / irreversible / permanent. Symptoms that will arise vary depending on which part of the brain is damaged.

The principles of treatment that can be given to deal with the stroke conditions that your father experienced in response to your various questions are as follows:

  DO NOT think of vitamins / supplements first. This is the umpteenth additional therapy and is not the main therapy. Which means that even if you don't give it, there won't be much change to your father. The best treatment that can be done at this time is AVOID REPEAT STROKE by handling the problem that underlies the stroke, in this case your father's chronic diabetes mellitus. In diabetics without high blood pressure ischemic stroke / blockage is the most frequent thing. Control your father's diabetes by consulting an internal medicine doctor to choose the right medicine so that the sugar level can be controlled properly. Take Diabetes medication regularly and regularly, and routinely to check sugar levels regularly to monitor the therapeutic effect. Perform periodic control to the neurologist to monitor the progress of the stroke. If paralysis occurs, help the patient to move from his bed. Because if you sleep / sit too long the complications that will arise are pressure sores. Only when all the underlying problems can be controlled, you can think of supplementation / vitamins. Giving Omega 3 is considered good for the brain. There are no specific guidelines / mandatory recommendations for certain vitamins for stroke patients. Basically all vitamins are good for the body as long as consumption is not too much. What I want to emphasize is that there should not be repeated strokes, because the impact that will appear will be worse than before - previous attacks.

So many answers from me, sorry for more and lack.

Thank you very much, hope you always :)

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