Vomit When Eating Rice?

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I want to ask … my mom has a stomach disease … can’t eat rice, always vomiting, stomach aches and bleeding chapter … that’s how to deal with y … thanks

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Hello Leona Fe, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Read the complaints experienced by your mother, it can be caused by several conditions such as:

Gastric / intestinal ulcers
Inflammatory bowel (colitis)

To find out what the cause of the complaint, it is advisable to check the complaint to the doctor, because both complaints certainly indicate something abnormal is happening to your mother's body, so the doctor might suggest your mother to do some tests such as blood tests , gastrointestinal binoculars or other tests to determine the cause of the complaint and determine the subsequent therapy for your mother. Even if deemed necessary, the doctor may also refer your mother to a specific field of specialist doctor to ensure your mother gets optimal therapy.

In the meantime, if the complaint gets worse (no food comes in at all or more bleeding and does not stop), it is recommended to immediately bring your mother to the nearest hospital emergency room to get first aid so that her condition does not get worse.

I hope this helps.

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