Vomiting, Abdominal Pain, Bowel Movements, Upper Abdominal Pain And Bitter Throat?

.. I am now experiencing vomiting, not nausea, abdominal pain (BAB), upper belly navel pain. My throat felt bitter as if there was medicine in my throat, even though I wasn’t taking medicine. Sometimes it’s also a headache but migrants are more often. But I don’t have a fever and can still do my activities.

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Hello Chei,

Thank you for the question.

Vomiting, abdominal pain, bowel movements, bitter throat, and dizziness can indicate a variety of illnesses, the most common being digestive infections. Many types of microorganisms can infect digestion, for example salmonella (the cause of typhus), amoeba (cause of dysentery), rotavirus, adenovirus, e.colli, and so on. This digestive infection, in addition to triggering digestive disorders as you experience, can also make you feel dizzy, fever, muscle and joint pain, weakness, and various other complaints.

Other conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, dyspepsia, malabsorption or food intolerance, poisoning, intestinal inflammation, infections of other organ systems, pre menstrual syndrome, drug side effects, tonsillopharyngitis, etc., can also trigger complaints that you experience currently.

It should be clarified, how long have your complaints exactly appeared? Is it very annoying?

If the complaint has appeared more than 3 days and is very disturbing to you, you should not stay silent. Go directly to your doctor or doctor of internal medicine to be treated further according to the cause. Here are our initial suggestions:

Eat small portions but regularly so as not to vomit
Don't consume foods and drinks that contain excessive gas, for example coconut milk, fried foods, juice, cabbage, soda, coffee, tea, sauce, chili sauce
Only eat food that is clean and perfectly cooked
If there are certain foods that make you allergic, don't consume them
Drink more warm water
Warm compresses on painful stomach
Sleep early
Live a healthy lifestyle

Hope this helps ...

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