Vomiting After Eating And Drinking For A Week?

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Hello, want to ask. So I have complaints of vomiting after eating or drinking. A lot or a little goes into the stomach, it will vomit again until it really feels empty stomach. Even the bitter yellow liquid comes out. This has been going on for almost a month. Until my weight dropped dramatically, from 68kg to 60kg. Previously I was treated at a public clinic, and the doctor suggested to check Hb at the hospital. Do I have to check the Hb? Then I guess if my pain is at risk?

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Hello Bintang_abeng, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com

Vomiting is one of the symptoms that is marked by the discharge of the stomach contents through the esophagus then released through the mouth, when a person vomits is also accompanied by contractions in the abdominal muscles. Where this vomiting is a symptom that can be a sign of a health problem or disease.

Vomiting can be caused by many conditions and factors usually vomiting can be a sign of health problems in the digestive system. If vomiting only occurs a few days it's usually not a serious problem. Here are some medical conditions that can cause vomiting:

Gastric pains
Food poisoning
Headache or migraine
Nausea in early pregnancy
Travel sickness
Intestinal obstruction due to hernias or gallstones
Side effects of certain drugs
Inflammation of the pancreas or pancreatitis
Bacterial or viral infections of the digestive tract
Kidney infection

But keep in mind if vomiting continues to occur and does not improve within a period of more than 2 weeks, moreover if it occurs 1 month continuously. even more so if this condition causes drastic weight loss as you experience it. This condition requires further examination to be carried out appropriately. We advise you to check your health to a specialist in internal medicine at the nearest hospital for further treatment. The doctor may suggest a number of examinations such as laboratory tests of blood and other examinations such as ultrasound, endoscopy for example if there is a suspected problem in the digestive system. Continuous vomiting can also be a sign of a certain chronic illness such as:

Impaired kidney function, increased levels of urea or so-called uremic can cause prolonged vomiting in a person
Impaired liver or liver function due to certain causes
Chronic gastritis, inflammation of the stomach
Tumor or mass in the stomach
Diabetes mellitus

Besides vomiting that continues continuously can also cause acute complications such as dehydration due to the body experiencing a lack of fluids. Dehydration can be characterized by weakness, urination becomes reduced, until a decrease in consciousness when dehydration occurs medical treatment needs to be done immediately because it can cause fatal conditions.

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