Vomiting, And Diagnosis Of

Illustration of Vomiting, And Diagnosis Of
Illustration: Vomiting, And Diagnosis Of

Afternoon dock, I want to ask .. from this morning I was vomiting and vomiting, the body limp. I have been ill and the diagnosis is OF, I was told to rest at home for 2 days. Actually OF course, why do you dock?

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Hello Adhis

Thank you for the question.

Vomiting there are many possible causes. Extremely massive vomiting can cause you to lose a lot of fluid and electrolytes, until it feels weak. Here we explain some possible causes of vomiting and weakness:

Gastrointestinal disorders, such as infections (such as typhus, hepatitis, intestinal worms, E. coli, rotavirus, dysentery), dyspepsia, food allergies, poisoning, carbohydrate malabsorption, intestinal obstruction, benign or malignant tumors
Urinary tract disorders, such as stones or kidney infections, bladder cancer
Reproductive tract disorders, such as pregnancy, endometriosis, wine pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy
Other factors, for example infections in other organ systems, brain tumors, head or stomach injuries, migraines, heart problems, stress, side effects of drugs, etc.

The abbreviation OF in the case of vomiting and weakness is actually not commonly used. Maybe, OF you mean referring to OBS (intestinal obstruction), TF (typhoid fever, typhoid fever, typhus), OV (observation of vomitus, patients with monitoring for symptoms of vomiting), OF (observation of fever, patients with monitoring for symptoms of fever) , etc.

In order to avoid misconceptions, you better ask this directly with your doctor or internist who treats you ... Because, it could be that the doctor's term refers to something else, or it could be that you actually mistakenly interpreted the term as an illness , when in fact it is not. The doctor who examined you, with his competence and experience, would have been more understanding of the diagnosis of the cause of your complaint and its proper handling.

Hope this helps ...

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