Vomiting While Traveling?

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I’m 20 years old since I was little I would vomit when I travel in a closed car, why is that? And how to solve it. Thank you

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Vomiting when traveling by car is a symptom of motion sickness or commonly known as motion sickness. This condition is caused by repetitive motions such as shaking a car or going up and down a boat. This condition causes the ear as one of the centers of balance to send signals that are different from those seen with the eye, causing symptoms.

Symptoms that can arise include:

Nausea Vomiting Dizziness Sweating Not feeling well

Some general tips you can do to avoid motion sickness are:

Look straight ahead and keep your head moving as little as possible. Don't look at moving objects such as passing cars. Don't drink alcohol or eat too much. Don't smell bad or eat spicy food while traveling. Sit at the very front. Don't watch TV or gadgets. Breathe fresh air like open the window Stop, take a short break, drink and eat snacks if on a long trip

If indeed by doing these things you still experience motion sickness, it's a good idea to consult a doctor. It is possible that the doctor will suggest the use of drugs that can prevent hangovers by adjusting your condition and medical history.

I hope this helps.

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