Vulnerable When Changing Face Wash?

Illustration of Vulnerable When Changing Face Wash?
Illustration: Vulnerable When Changing Face Wash?

Hello doctor. I want to ask, if we want to change face wash how long does it take to neutralize our facial skin? Then during neutralizing the face to switch to another product, what do we wash the face with? My face type is oily and prone to acne. Please reply, thank you

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Hello Jnhrp,

To clean your facial skin you can use a cleanser, be it oil based cleanser, micellar water, makeup remover, and various types of face wash / face wash. You can choose a face wash that suits your facial skin type. Usually there is information on the product packaging, for example for oily facial skin.

Related to face wash replacement, did you use face wash with certain active ingredients before? In general, you can immediately change face wash without waiting. You can try to do the test first by using a face wash on the neck for several days. If there is no negative reaction, you can continue using face wash on your face as usual.

But if then a negative reaction appears, such as redness, itching, pimples, or blisters, you should first stop using face wash and choose another more hypoallergenic face wash.

Different treatments are needed if you are replacing face creams that contain certain active ingredients. For this condition, you can give a gap of about 3-7 days before starting to use a new cream.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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