Wake Up Right Armpit Hurts.

Illustration of Wake Up Right Armpit Hurts.
Illustration: Wake Up Right Armpit Hurts. healthline.com

, I want to ask. This morning after waking up suddenly my right armpit hurts and my right hand hurts when moved, especially upward or forward movements. And there is swelling in the armpits. I have taken paracetamol for pain relief, but instead the joints in my body feel painful. What should I do? thanks.

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Hello Selviana, Thank you for the question.

Pain in the armpits can be caused by disorders of the skin or tissue in the skin such as lymph nodes, muscles, tendons (connective tissue that connects muscle to bone), bones. Symptoms of pain in the armpits accompanied by swelling can be caused by:

sebaceous cysts (fluid-filled sacs formed from the skin oil glands) that are infected
swollen lymph nodes
muscle tension

You can still try taking paracetamol regularly according to the rules of the clothes on the drug packaging. In addition, you can also use warm compresses on the armpit area to help relieve pain. Try to get enough rest and limit physical activity, especially those involving hand movements, avoid lifting heavy loads. If the symptoms of pain do not improve during the next 2 days or if the swelling / lump gets bigger, accompanied by a high fever, pus out, or there is weakness in the hands, please check with your nearest general practitioner for direct examination (including ultrasound, X-rays, MRI if necessary) before determining further handling.

I hope this helps.

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