Walk With Tilted Feet In Children Aged 18 Months.?

Illustration of Walk With Tilted Feet In Children Aged 18 Months.?
Illustration: Walk With Tilted Feet In Children Aged 18 Months.? surestep.net

In the morning I want to ask, I have a baby and can only walk to 18 months … But when walking the soles of his feet tilted like. Not normal, why, tlng answer my question … thanks

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Hello Reni,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Need to be clarified, what kind of sloping foot shape do you mean? Does the tilt of your child's feet appear to cause difficulties when walking, often fall, or experience other complaints? Which side of the leg is tilted? Is the difference in foot slope very significant between right and left?

Baby's feet can be tilted because he is not good at adjusting the balance when walking. It could also be that the sole of the baby's feet is tilted due to an abnormality, for example:

Restrain pain in the legs, such as punctured glass, foot skin infections, calluses
Congenital defects, such as clubfoot, which is a condition where the baby's legs are curved inward

Flat foot, flat foot so the arch does not appear clear
Disorders of the knee, such as genu valgum or genu varum, and so on

Without a direct physical examination, of course we are difficult to determine whether your baby's condition is still classified as a reasonable variation, or dangerous, so it needs further treatment from the doctor.

Therefore, if you find the slope of your feet is very significant and disturbing when walking, you should check it directly to the doctor or a pediatrician.

In the meantime, you should continue to stimulate your child's development, which is by asking them to play and do activities together. Give him enough milk and nutrient-rich foods that are growing well. Do not forget, do not carelessly massage the baby, including the sole of the foot that looks tilted.

Hope this helps ...

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