Walking Like Drifting After Typhus?

the road drifted a little after recovering from typhus because of what it is … ?? thank you

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 Typhoid fever or typhus is an infectious disease caused by salmonella thipii bacteria. The bacteria attacks the digestive tract, which is the intestine. Bacteria enter the body due to consuming food contaminated with feces that contain these bacteria.
 Someone who is infected with salmonella thipii will enter the incubation period, which is the time when bacteria develop in the body until symptoms appear. This period can be up to 3-30 days, generally 7-14 days. After symptoms appear, sufferers will go through stages of the disease until healing can occur at week 4. However, healing can occur more quickly if treatment is given quickly and appropriately. So the bacteria in the body can occur for months. So it's only natural that you still feel drifting or oyong. Your body needs time to get back as before.
 In order to improve quickly, consume clean, healthy and nutritious foods. Drink lots of water, which is at least 2 L a day, as much as possible more than that. Consumption of fruits, such as avocados, bananas, watermelons and oranges. These fruits are good for thipoid fever sufferers. You can read the article about it here. Get enough rest, which is 8 hours a day.
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