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, my child since he was a teenager started getting very difficult to wake up and even had to 3-5 times a small slap and could only wake up and not feel anything while sleeping soundly until at the end of the day. When entering junior high school, there are sleep disturbances such as sleep walking out of the room and sometimes even opening the door lock. now the age of 20 is not working but it’s still hard to get up. Do I have to consult a doctor or psychologist? if there is psychological pressure that affects? Because there really is a family problem.

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Hello LI J, thank you for asking to HealthReplies.com.

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Based on the complaint you feel, there is a possibility that you may experience problems with sleep disturbance. Sleep disturbance is a disorder of a person's sleep patterns that has an impact on the sufferer, both the impact on his health and on his own safety. There are several types of causes of sleep disorders, namely:

 Insomnia Hypersomnia Sleepwalking / Somnabulism / Sleep walking Sleep terror Nightmare Sleep disorders that you experience sleepwalking usually occur in children before teenagers around 11-12 years, although it can also be experienced in various ages. Although sleepwalking that usually occurs in children is not a serious disease, it can cause injury due to impact or fall.

During sleep, it is divided into about 4-5 cycles, each cycle lasting around 90 minutes and divided into 2 stages, namely the stage of tidurrapid eye movement (REM) and the non-REM stage (NREM). The sleep cycle begins with the NREM stage and then continues with REM, and so the cycle repeats. The stages of NREM sleep itself are divided into three phases, namely:

 Phase 1: Eyes closed, but still easily awakened. Phase 2: In this phase, the heart rhythm slows and body temperature decreases. The body prepares to sleep deeply. Phase 3: This is the deep sleep phase, where someone will be difficult to wake up. If forced to wake up from sleep, he will feel confused for a few minutes. During this phase 3 the body will repair damaged tissue and strengthen the immune system. It is at this REM stage that the brain becomes more active, the heart rate and breathing become fast, and dreams can arise. What happens to you sleep and it's hard to wake up, you could be in phase 3 so it's hard to wake up from your sleep. However, if you experience this sleep disturbance continuously, you should consult a psychiatrist / psychiatrist to interview your complaint in more detail and can be examined directly to you in order to get more appropriate treatment.

Right now what you can do is:

 Regular exercise. Maintain a nutritious diet and drink lots of consumption. Manage stress well. Discipline your sleep. Avoid consumption of caffeinated drinks, alcohol and cigarettes. That's all the answers I can give.

Thank you :)

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