Want To Abort The Womb In The 2nd Pregnancy.?

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Morning, I want a consultation, a short story, I was married at the age of 22 years and now we ‘already have 18 months children, short story now my wife is pregnant, only 1 month, the problem is that my wife is not ready mentally, and physically, because my wife is often overwhelmed to the point of illness / drop taking care of the household and my 18-month-old child, because I work and rarely can help with housework, who want to ask if we can consult with our usual t4 obstetrician, to postpone this impossibility / abort at the age of 1 month, I also feel sorry if I see my wife often drop when taking care of my child, in essence my wife has not been able to thank

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As an adult couple, of course you and your wife are conscious and know the risks during sexual intercourse, right? Having an abortion is certainly different from delaying pregnancy. Delaying pregnancy (that is, before pregnancy) may be done, for example by using contraception. However, if fertilization and pregnancy have already occurred, then abortion is not a wise action for both of you, without clear medical indications, including only for fear of not being able to take care of the baby later. Having an abortion without a medical indication is also a criminal offense that can threaten the offender and those who facilitate him (including doctors) to be subject to criminal sanctions that are not minor. Abortion is also a risk of causing your wife to experience bleeding, infection, and even threaten her life. Therefore, for ethical reasons, we are not authorized to explain in detail your questions.

Taking care of children is not merely the task of "wife". As a husband, who currently also bears the title "father", even though he is preoccupied with work matters, you also have an obligation to ease your wife's duties in caring for children. Your wife, as an ordinary human being, of course also has a sense of fatigue and bored, right? Therefore, try to share roles. Manage your time better, so you can take over some of your wife's tasks, such as cleaning the house, washing clothes, cooking, caring for an older child, and so on. If possible, find an assistant to ease your wife's duties at home. As much as possible, do what you can do alone, do not overload your wife with excessive work. Improve your communication with your partner, so he also feels cared for. Also make sure your wife always gets good nutrition so that her stamina and endurance are maintained. Accompany him to control pregnancy regularly to the doctor or obstetrician so that the fetus in the womb is maintained his health. If your wife has a complaint, do not hesitate to see her doctor, avoid carelessly giving him medicine. Invite your wife together to expand knowledge related to how to be a good parent so that you both are better prepared to face the birth of your second baby later, as well as raising him together with your first child.

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