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My wife is the first time having intercourse, the sperm does not come out inside, but why is my wife late for the month? Usually the date 17-20 is already menstruating, but this is until the 23rd date.

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First of all, you should tell in advance, exactly when you have sexual relations with your wife, and does penetration occur without safety (not using any birth control) even though sperm is not released inside? Even if the sperm is released outside, is the expenditure done in the mouth of the vagina or away from the mouth of the vagina?

Basically, pregnancy will only occur if sexual intercourse is done in a woman's fertile period. To find out exactly when your wife's fertile period, you can read the following article. If indeed sexual intercourse is carried out during the fertile period, then it is necessary to look again at how to have sexual relations.

When getting sexual stimulation, the penis will release a fluid called prejaculate fluid. Preejakulat fluid can contain a few live sperm, so if you penetrate without a condom even if you do not release sperm in the vagina, pregnancy can still occur.

Even if you do not penetrate at all, it needs to be seen, where you release your sperm. If you remove sperm in the mouth of the vagina, pregnancy may still occur because sperm can still swim inside. If you do not penetrate at all and sperm are removed far from the vagina, then chances are that pregnancy will not occur.

To find out for sure whether your wife is pregnant or not, you can advise your wife to do a test pack. Check with urinating first in the morning so the results are more accurate, and make sure your wife reads the rules of use first before using this examination tool. Follow the instructions for using the tool carefully so that no misreading occurs.

If the test pack results are positive, then your wife is indeed pregnant, if negative, try again the test pack 3-7 days afterwards if still not menstruating. If it remains negative too, then the cause of delay in menstruation is most likely not pregnancy. Here are articles that you can read about other causes of menstrual delays.

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