Want To Attach Stirrup But The Teeth Often Hurt?

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Hello. So here goes, I have a plan to install stirrup because my teeth are in a mess and there is even barking. I have patched and pulled several times because my teeth are very fragile. The doctor who pulled out my teeth used to say that. Often also my teeth ache extraordinary extraordinary. So I feel scared when using stirrup. Please provide a solution. Thank you in advance.

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Hello Fitriyantiz, thank you for asking.

Installation of braces must be based on indications. Indications can be in the form of restoring the normal functioning of the teeth, to repair the structure of teeth and normal jaws, or to improve the aesthetic quality. Before installing braces the doctor will assess whether there are teeth that must be resolved first. For example, there are cavities that must be patched or revoked first, for example there are impacted teeth then surgery must first be performed. After the doctor feels all the remaining teeth are in optimal condition, then the installation of braces can be planned.

Your teeth that are often sick must be experiencing a problem. Problems can include caries (cavities), gingivitis (inflammation of the teeth), pulpitis (inflammation of the pulp that contains the nerves of the teeth), periodontitis (inflammation of the supporting tissues of the teeth), abscesses, or polyps. Impacted teeth also often cause pain. Then you should consult well with your dentist. The doctor will give a plan of action before starting the installation of braces.

You can maintain the health and hygiene of your teeth by regularly brushing your teeth twice a day, brushing your teeth in the right way, gargling with an antiseptic solution, using dental floss to prevent plaque buildup between your teeth, avoiding food and excessive sweet drinks.

Hopefully this answer can help you. Regards.

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