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help me nMy wife aged 30 miscarried 2 times before 3 months of gestation, our husband at 31 has not been married a year. then the doctor asked for a lab test and the results were nWife igg positive for rubella 98 igg positive cmv 81 nSaw asthenoteratozoospermia because the progression is too low nMy question is what is the solution if I can get pregnant normally ?? n For the above cases why did I get pregnant but miscarried ?? nHow is the treatment? n

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Hello Mimiaja,

The cause of miscarriage is not yet certain, but it can be related to fetal chromosome abnormalities and also a history of infection. IgG (+) rubella and IgG (+) CMV indicate that they have been infected with rubella and CMV or have had vaccinations. However, this examination must also be seen from the results of other tests including IgM (a marker of acute or currently experiencing active infection), physical examination, and interviews. IgG markers alone cannot infer a patient's current state.

Asthenoteratozoospermia condition is a condition of sperm abnormalities in terms of sperm shape and sperm movement. In order for pregnancy to occur, healthy sperm cells are needed. The criteria for healthy sperm include a minimum number of 15 million / ml of semen, 40% of sperm must be able to move, 25% of sperm must be able to move forward quickly, 30% of sperm must be normal in shape. The existence of disturbances in sperm can affect male fertility.

Some things that can affect sperm quality include impaired sperm transport, disease in the testicles, disorders of the pituitary gland which affect the production of testosterone and sperm. Old age and certain medical conditions (high blood pressure, heart problems, sexually transmitted infections) can also play a role.

For your and your husband's condition, I suggest that you and your husband consult your obstetrician and andrologist again so that further evaluation can be done to determine the next steps. If you are currently experiencing active CMV and rubella infection, your doctor will provide the right treatment to treat the infection before giving you a pregnancy program. As for the husband's condition, the doctor can provide further treatment. Doctors can also provide a more optimal pregnancy program if other methods do not work, for example by artificial insemination steps or IVF programs.

Meanwhile, there are some tips that can be done to help get pregnant and improve sperm quality, namely:

Do a healthy lifestyle
Exercise 3-4x / week
Maintain ideal body weight
Get enough rest
Avoid staying up late
Avoid raw or undercooked foods, cigarette smoke, alcoholic beverages, and cut back on caffeine
Increase the consumption of sperm-enhancing foods and womb-fertilizing foods

Avoid casual sex
The husband should wear pants that are not tight and keep the testicles from being exposed to hot temperatures
Manage stress well
Perform regular intercourse 3-4x / week and during the fertile period
When you are pregnant, it is advisable to have regular control with an obstetrician

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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