Warm Body And Flu For A Week?

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Hello, body warm and flu during the week why? Is that possible corona symptom? How to treat it?

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Hello Dicky.

Thank you for the question.

Warm bodies and colds may be symptoms of COVID-19 (Corona's disease), maybe not. In addition to Corona virus, many other viruses and bacteria can also cause clinical symptoms like this, for example influenza, streptococcus, staphylococcus, and so on. Allergies, nasal polyps, nasopharyngeal cancer, impaired immunity, entry of foreign bodies, swelling of the nose, and so on can also cause complaints like yours. At first glance, there may be no difference between the symptoms of COVID-19 with the symptoms of various other conditions as mentioned above. However, you need to be vigilant if you have contracted COVID-19 if in the last 2 weeks you have been in contact with COVID-19 sufferers, have traveled or have been in contact with people who have traveled to an area with an outbreak of COVID-19. Do you have this risk factor?

If not, you should not panic first. Overcome your complaints first by taking paracetamol, drinking lots of warm water, diligently eating fruits rich in vitamin C, limiting out of the house if not urgent, resting more, don't touch the face unless washing your hands with running water and soap, showering more diligently and washing hands, don't smoke, and never contact with things that make your nose allergic or irritant (such as smoke, cold, dust, pollution, dry air).

Conversely, if you feel you have the above risk factors, or if the complaint has been dealt with by natural treatment as mentioned before but it has not improved, do not hesitate to consult yourself directly to the doctor. The doctor who examines you later who will give you the right treatment, or may also refer you to the right specialist doctor if necessary.

I hope this helps.

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