Warm Body Temperature, Warm Palms And Mucus In The Throat

Illustration of Warm Body Temperature, Warm Palms And Mucus In The Throat
Illustration: Warm Body Temperature, Warm Palms And Mucus In The Throat


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A body that feels sometimes warm, sometimes cold, with a slimy throat can be caused by an inflamed throat (pharyngitis), for example due to infection, irritation, allergies, foreign body entry, dry throat, increased gastric acid, benign or malignant tumors, and side effects certain types of drugs. It could also, complaints like you experience caused by inflammation of the respiratory system (including due to pulmonary tuberculosis, COVID-19), digestive system, or other organ systems.

TB (tuberculosis) when it infects the lungs, is very easily transmitted, especially in people who come in direct contact with patients. This transmission can occur primarily when your husband coughs, sneezes, or spits near you. The highest risk of transmission of this disease occurs if your husband has not been treated, or has been treated for less than 2 months. Not all TB sufferers will show the same clinical symptoms. It may be that the symptoms that appear differ depending on the infected organ, its severity, and the patient's general health condition. So, not always you will immediately experience a cough after contracting TB.

Our advice, you first try to ease your complaint by:

Use a mask, also ask your husband to use a mask
Diligently shower with warm water and wash your hands with soap and clean water
Take paracetamol if the body still often feels warm
Drink plenty of warm water, especially water
Eat a variety of foods that are warm, not greasy, not artificial sweet, and easy to swallow
Reduce excessive talking first
Rest and exercise balanced every day
Keep your residence clean, free from dust, smoke and other allergens
Not taking drugs carelessly

However, if there is a high fever for more than 3 days, if it appears shortness, severe vomiting, weight loss drastically, swollen lymph nodes, coughing up blood, coughing for more than 2 weeks, or other complaints that are more severe, do not hesitate to check direct yourself to the doctor huh .. This examination you should also do earlier if you feel you've been in contact with sufferers / suspects of COVID-19. If necessary, you can later be referred to an ENT doctor or internal medicine.

Hope this helps ...

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