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Good morning n nSo like this 2013, I once had a wart on one of the palms. Then I treated it with makeshift medicine (calusol), even though at that time my warts dried up and I pulled them out, they grew back until there were + – 5 times I pulled them right * the roots were pulled out and that was the last time my warts grew again and until now, thank God my warts never grew again. Now the problem is when I pulled out the wart the last time at that time there was a wart root that was left in the skin while sleeping like that and until now it hasn’t disappeared *. Even though it’s a small piece * and doesn’t interfere with the appearance, it’s just a sight to behold. The problem is that the wart marks sometimes * itch but don’t cause other symptoms so it’s just itching. My question is can the warts grow again even though there have been 5 years of no longer growing, why can it itch and what will happen to be worse because I removed the warts improperly. Fear of causing infection or even spreading anywhere *. Please find a solution. Thanks. 🙂🙏

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Hi Princess,

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Warts are bumps on the skin that are generally small, rough surface, flesh-colored, whitish, pink, or brown. Warts can also have peaks that are blackish or reddish due to the presence of blood vessels. These warts grow due to infection with the Human Papilloma Virus which is generally transmitted, either through direct or indirect contact, from other wart sufferers. Children and people with immune system disorders (for example due to HIV or malnutrition) are more at risk of developing warts.

Warts are often not a dangerous condition. However, many people often force it out, pull it out, or squeeze it because they feel annoyed. In fact, this kind of action is very risky to cause bleeding or secondary infection, especially if the warts are large enough and are not accompanied by good personal hygiene.

A doctor or dermatologist, with their competence is generally able to diagnose warts sufficiently from a regular physical examination. In some conditions, further tests may also be needed, such as a biopsy to identify the cells that make up the wart. However, if you have never seen a doctor, then it is best not too early to conclude that your complaint is caused by warts. Because, in many cases, lumps on the skin like warts can arise due to other causes, for example actinic keratosis, lichen planus, lichen nitidus. fibrokeratoma, sarcoma (cancer), molluscum contagiosum, seborrheic keratosis, folliculitis, contact dermatitis, hypertrophic scar, and so on. In this condition, you need to do a direct doctor's examination to differentiate it.

Most warts heal on their own if your immune system is in prime condition. As for the remaining warts that you mean, it may come from the remaining lump tissue on the skin that has not been completely removed. This condition should be examined directly by a doctor so that it is known, is there any special treatment that needs to be done to overcome it. If it is true that your complaint occurs due to warts, then in addition to providing topical drugs to trigger wart exfoliation, your doctor may also recommend that you undergo other medical measures, such as cryotherapy, laser, or surgery. Indeed, even after being given proper treatment, warts can still grow back. However, you can prevent the recurrence of these warts in the following ways:

Do not pick, pick, or pick warts carelessly
Wash your hands and cut your nails diligently
Also bathe regularly
Maintain endurance, namely by eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, getting enough rest, avoiding alcohol and cigarettes
Do not come into direct contact with other wart sufferers
Nor does exchanging personal items (for example towels or clothes) with other people

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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