Wash Your Face Soap For Dry Facial Skin?

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Hello, I want to ask, my face is very dry in the area around the nose and lately, blackheads appear around the nose and the pores of the pores are not big before. And another problem is a lot of black stains on the cheeks and streaks on the forehead. For my skin type, I am still confused that other areas tend to be normal, which is dry, only the nose (and the edges), what kind of products can be suitable for my skin? And for a good facial wash like what. Thank you

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This type of facial skin is divided into normal, oily, dry and sensitive facial skin. Some people also have different skin types on some areas of the face, namely oily skin on the forehead, nose and chin (T-zone) and skin that tends to dry on other parts of the face. Such skin types are referred to as combination skin types.

In the type of skin that tends to dry in various areas of the face as you experience, the cause can be due to genetic factors, hormonal changes, cold weather, air that tends to dry, sunlight, ingredients contained in facial soap, cosmetics, cleansers, and medicines . For facial skin that tends to dry, avoid facial skin care products that contain alcohol, perfume, retinoids, and Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA). Don't forget to always use a moisturizer that contains natural oils like zaiun oil or jojoba oil. Some of the ingredients in facial care products that can help treat dry skin include lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, lanolin, mineral oil and petrolatum. For facial wash, use a gentle product without perfume and alcohol. Avoid washing your face using warm water, because this can make facial skin drier and facial pores more open.

Do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist to overcome the skin problems that you experience, especially if the skin is getting dry and causing complaints such as itching, burning, and the skin becomes red. The doctor will do an examination and provide facial creams that are appropriate for the type of facial skin. Make sure you drink enough water and consume lots of fruits and vegetables to help maintain a healthy skin condition.

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