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Good evening, I am 20-year-old Tasya, I want to ask about my illness. I was almost 1 month already exposed to water lice initially between the legs and then spread to the soles of the lower leg which initially became a little much when viewed like salmon ad eggs, I have used ointment 88, vaslon, and betason but it does not go away even more and the water fleas do not increase cracking just makes my skin cracked and replace the skin. Sometimes itchy. I have even tried soaking my feet with water that contains vinegar and salt but it has no effect on my feet. According to my doctor, what should I do and how to cure it? Thank you for your attention…

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Hello Tasya, thank you for the question to HealthReplies.com

Rashes and itching of the feet can be caused by several possibilities:

fungal infections of the feet (tinea pedis or also known as water fleas), can also be other fungal infections such as candida bacterial infection of scabies or scabies contact dermatitis atopic dermatitis dishidrotic dermatitis psoriasis If you have experienced this condition for more than a month, it does not improve with your treatment do it yourself, and gain weight, you should check yourself to a dermatologist so you can do a direct skin examination. The exact diagnosis of an abnormality in the skin can only be made through direct skin examination. You should not use drugs such as Vaslone or Betason carelessly because if the lesions on your feet are caused by fungus, the condition can actually get worse. Check with your doctor first so that the cause can be known and the therapy given is more appropriate.

For the time being you should not scratch the lesions on your skin, avoid moist conditions, use socks that absorb sweat when wearing shoes, change socks if wet with sweat, change your socks every day, and dry your shoes regularly under sun.

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