Watery Bumps Suddenly Appeared On The Face?

Illustration of Watery Bumps Suddenly Appeared On The Face?
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I have a problem with my face. Suddenly I have a bump.

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Hi Ayuni,

Thank you for the question.

The appearance of runny bumps on the skin of the face can indeed indicate chicken pox (varicella). This disease occurs when the Varicella zoster virus enters the body, either due to physical contact or inhalation of the airways with people with chickenpox or other shingles. People who have never had chickenpox and have never had varicella immunization have a high risk of contracting the disease, especially if it comes in close contact with other sufferers. Typically, runny bumps due to chicken pox will spread to almost the entire body, accompanied by itching, heat, and then it can eventually break or flatten itself and form a scab. Other complaints, such as weakness, easy glare, decreased appetite, and fatigue can also accompany the emergence of this watery bump.

Not only chicken pox, runny bumps on your face can also be caused by snake pox, impetigo, cystic acne, folliculitis, allergic or irritant contact dermatitis, drug eruption, insect bites, burns, prickly heat, prickly flu, and many other potential causes the other. Depending on the cause, of course the handling of this condition can be different. Therefore, it is safer, you try to check yourself directly to the doctor or dermatologist huh ..

Our advice for you in the meantime:

Take a shower and wash your face clean using soap that suits your skin type
Avoid scrubbing the skin excessively, let alone squeeze or slurp a runny bumps that appear
Don't overuse cosmetics on the face
Do not also carelessly use skin care products without a doctor's prescription
Always wash your hands every time you hold facial skin
Stay away from contact between facial skin with substances that make you allergic or irritated, for example harsh soaps, detergents, latex
Rest and drink more water

Hope this helps ...

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