Watery, Itchy Rash And Fever In A 13 Month Old Child?

Illustration of Watery, Itchy Rash And Fever In A 13 Month Old Child?
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In the afternoon, I want to ask. This morning my child had a fever, how come there were small watery spots. Is that a prickly heat ??? r nWhat are other diseases, but it seems like my child doesn’t feel itchy, it appears in the armpit crease, groin too feet and back of the neck too r n, my child is 13 months old 3 months ago also had red spots appeared, after being examined by the doctor he said he was allergic to dust r n How to fix it, don’t want to buy ointment just r nThank you

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Hi Permana,

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Watery rash and fever can occur due to interrelated causes, but may not. A history of a dust allergy that your child has had before could trigger a watery rash on their underarms, groin, legs and back at this time. However, a dust allergy alone shouldn't cause a child to have a fever.

Several conditions that can cause these two complaints at once include:

Skin infections (eg prickly heat, folliculitis)
Varicella (chicken pox)
Hand foot and mouth disease (flu singapore)
Measles (measles), and so on

It is also possible that the two complaints arise due to different causes, for example:

Other causes of fever: ARI (acute respiratory infection), dengue fever, typhoid fever, urinary tract infections, immunization side effects
Other causes of watery rashes: atopic dermatitis (skin inflammation due to a hypersensitivity reaction), contact dermatitis (local skin inflammation due to contact with an allergic or irritant substance), drug eruptions, etc.

If a new complaint occurs for 1 day, you can first try to do the following efforts to resolve it:

Relieve fever, by compressing the child's neck, armpits, or groin with warm water
Give the child the understanding not to scratch a rash on his skin if it itches
Be diligent in washing children's hands and shortening their nails
Give the child lots of breast milk and water
Also give children eating healthy and nutritious foods
Keep children away from excessive contact or exposure to allergens and irritants
Bathe the child using clean water and special soap for children 2 times a day, then dry it well (don't rub it), then get dressed
Avoid sprinkling or rubbing anything on the skin without a doctor's recommendation.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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