Watery Nodules That Feel Itchy, Become Sore And Sore On The Fingers?

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Hello doctor r nI am masnarayani r nSy want to ask about the complaint I experienced r nIn the beginning on the back of the right hand on the ring finger there was 1 tiny spot that was runny and itchy r nLong time it became more itchy and turned into a wound and it feels tender like peeling skin. Then on the other finger a small watery spot appears not large and not too much. But the spots didn’t break out it felt a little itchy and I didn’t want to scratch it. What medicine should I use?

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Hi Masnarayani,

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The appearance of a watery nodule that feels itchy, becomes sore and feels sore on the fingers may indicate an infection. Various types of microorganisms can cause this infection, ranging from fungi, bacteria, viruses, or mites. Here are some of the most common types of infections that can cause this complaint:

Tinea manum (hand fungus)
Tinea versicolor (tinea versicolor)
Scabies (scabies)
Miliaria (prickly heat)
Varicella (chicken pox)
Miliaria (prickly heat)
Folliculitis (hair root infection)
Impetigo and so on

Aside from infection, this condition can also occur due to other triggers, such as allergic contact dermatitis, drug eruption, irritant contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, insect bites, herpetiformis dermatitis, and so on. These conditions can also underlie the appearance of watery nodules that feel a little itchy on the rest of your fingers.

Need to be clarified, how long have you had the complaint? What treatments have you taken to deal with the complaint? Is there absolutely no improvement?

If the complaint has lasted more than 3 days, and continues to expand or spread to other areas of your body, you should check directly to the doctor or dermatologist nearest. Usually, just by assessing the clinical appearance of complaints on your finger, the doctor is able to determine the appropriate treatment. For now, you can first apply the following steps:

No gripping complaints on fingers with dirty hands
Nor does it squeeze forcefully or slurp the nodules that appear
Be diligent in bathing and washing your hands with antiseptic soap, then dry properly
Do not apply drugs or other substances carelessly on the finger skin (without doctor's advice)
Avoid contact between the hands of the skin with substances that are prone to trigger inflammation, for example detergents, harsh soaps, latex, and so on
Avoid direct or indirect contact with other people who suffer from infectious skin diseases

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