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I want to ask, I cough but it’s rare and my throat feels runny I also feel weak when I go to sleep Is this a sign of corona huh

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a cough that you experience may cough up phlegm whose mucus is hard to release or just feels in your throat, because the mucus in temggorokan causes your throat to feel irritated or itchy so that you experience a cough, or it can also be caused by increased stomach acid so that your throat feels runny and irritation that causes coughing too . this can be caused by infections such as viruses and bacteria or caused by allergies. there are several diseases related to it:

allergies and asthma
gastric acid rise
sleep apnue: is one of the causes of coughing up phlegm. Symptoms of a person experiencing sleep apnea generally include insomnia, snoring loudly, panting or choking like sleeping while sleeping, repeatedly waking up at night, to feel sleepy during the daytime.
stress: Chronic stress can make a person's cough difficult to cure. This happens because the resistance of the body decreases when there is a burden of mind that makes it stressful. To overcome this, of course you have to reduce stress especially when it hurts.

while for the corona virus is caused by the covid virus novel 19 which causes symptoms such as high fever, coughing and shortness of breath, if you experience these symptoms accompanied by the risk of being infected with a corona infected person or having traveled to an at-risk country then do a doctor's examination immediately or to the nearest hospital or can call the Corona hotline, to get an examination and treatment. if you only have a cough you should do isolation at home during illness or while the outbreak is over.

There are several things you can do:

enough wife
keep on being at home
drink at least 2 liters of water a day
avoid the consumption of spicy, sour and high in fat
Hindri eats after sleeping
eat a little but often with a nutritious and healthy meaning
frequent hand washing
use a mask for now
avoid direct contact with other people if necessary

You can check the risk of infected corona here

You can read this article: the difference between the common cold and corona

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