Watery Vaginal Discharge With A Fishy Odor?

Illustration of Watery Vaginal Discharge With A Fishy Odor?
Illustration: Watery Vaginal Discharge With A Fishy Odor? Bing

Mimi is 28 years old, I had runny vaginal discharge when I woke up this morning. Even though 2 days ago I just finished my period… Watery vaginal discharge comes out rather fishy, ​​but not fishy, ​​what causes it? Please help.

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Hello Mimi,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com. Leucorrhoea is a condition that women often complain about. Leucorrhoea is the discharge of mucus from the vagina, the mucus that is produced has the main function of cleaning and protecting the vagina from infection. Leucorrhoea can occur due to normal body processes or abnormal things in the body. Normal vaginal discharge, for example, occurs around the menstrual cycle, during ovulation, and during pregnancy. Normal vaginal discharge is generally colorless, odorless, and does not cause itching or burning around the female area. If the type of vaginal discharge that you experience is other than those mentioned above, it may be caused by something, such as:

1. Fungal infection - vaginal discharge, usually milky white, odorless, itchy

2. Trichomoniasis infection - greenish yellow vaginal discharge, smelly, often hurts when urinating

3. Bacterial vaginosis infection - grayish white discharge, smells fishy

4. Genital herpes infection - there are small bumps in the female area

5. Cervical cancer - vaginal discharge mixed with blood

6. Uterine cancer

Here are some things you can do to prevent and reduce leucorrhoea:

·         keep the female area from getting damp, by changing your underwear every time it gets wet and not using pantyliners often

·         clean the female area with warm water, without any care products

·        don't use feminine care products too often

·        wear cotton underwear

·         do not use underwear that is too tight

If your complaint does not improve within 3 days or recurs. So to find out what is the cause of the vaginal discharge that you are experiencing, it is necessary to have a direct examination by a doctor / specialist in obstetrics and gynecology (obgyn). Doctors need to carry out physical examinations in person, and carry out other medical examinations if needed such as blood labs and ultrasound. The treatment given will differ depending on what is found to be the cause of the vaginal discharge that you are experiencing. Thus the information from me, hopefully useful.


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