Way To Be Transgender?

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asskum how do you take medicine so fast from man to woman and what drugs can the effect be felt throughout the body quickly?

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From the information you conveyed, gender is a form of incongruity with one's gender identity at birth. So in this case, you feel as a whole woman but have a male gender.

Under certain circumstances, physical change is not the right solution for someone with transgender, so what needs to be emphasized here is the goal of what you want, and whether that provides the right solution for you. If indeed your physical changes from man to woman, either by giving hormonal drugs or by surgery, do not provide better benefits, then you should consider it.

If recognition and peace of mind are what you expect, then accepting your current condition is a form of sincerity that is expected to give you the serenity or purpose you desire.

However, if you form a unanimous intention to continue this process, then you can have a full discussion with the psychologist and plastic surgeon at the appointed and authorized hospital. You can find out about the fees charged at the time of your consultation.

And even if you have undergone transsexual, then you can not experience pregnancy, so in theory you can not get pregnant and not give birth, and in detail, this condition does not shape you as a real or complete woman who can get pregnant. However, for children, you can see it from another point of view.

Therefore, discuss it with the psychiatrist, psychologist, yourself, the Creator, as well as the surgical team. That way, you will be more open and understand the process you are going through.

That is the information we can convey, read also understand-the-health-side-of-transgender.

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