Ways To Determine And Treat Allergies Are Many?

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Good afternoon doctor, I am a 25 year old woman, I want to ask why I am allergic to so many foods, medicines, and products (such as handbody, soap, etc.), yes doctor? R n r n natural: r n1. Omeprazole = there are many red dots on the skin such as bruntusan r n2. Lansoprazole = same as omeprazole but not as bad as ome (allergies only in one hand) r n3. Cotrimoxazole = red like islands all over the body, it hurts. R n4. Ranitidine = same as cotrimoxazole r n5. Amitriptyline u0026amp; nopress = pounding r n6. Contrast = I had chills during Bno IVP (previous tabpa skin test) and every time in the skin test, the contrast agent was red, so I never used contrast for radiology photos r n7. Panadol = my right stomach immediately became very painful r n8. Alprazolam = when sleeping I find it hard to breathe (feel it is not breathing) r n9. Until I once wanted to undergo a laparascopy program but it was canceled by the doctor, because he said the anesthesia team did not dare to take risks with patients with liver disorders (for example, because at that time there was an 8cm cyst in my liver, now the cyst has shrunk to 3cm but it still hurts. continue to stomach and tired of the body) r n r nKmdn food allergies: r n1. Kale and banana = direct diarrhea r n2. Avocado juice = my lips are so big it makes talking difficult r n3. Chickens and eggs = itching2 and worsening the condition (when I had an ear infection if I ate chicken u0026amp; eggs itched more and more u0026amp; watery ears) r n4. Lele = my right stomach hurt immediately r n5. Chocolate (which is really a lot) = I am still hospitalized for acute gastric pain r n6. Eating spring rolls = my gums are very swollen, the doctor hurts so much that he can’t shut his mouth, even opens his mouth sakiy r n7. And so on r n r nProduct = r n1. Handbody = I used to use a handbody, as a result, my hands and feet were itchy like a doctor, until there was water in it and it looked like blisters and the skin was swollen but there was yellowish water inside. Itching but it hurts the doctor, all ointments do not work except fusicort r n2. Detol soap = my skin is peeling off. R n3. Dish soap = the skin on your hands is really sore like being stabbed in it r n r nWhat’s it going on, doctor? How to fix this? To the point that I was sick, I was confused about what to do myself, because this medicine went awry, sometimes when I went to the doctor it made the doctor feel dizzy, I myself also felt uncomfortable at the doctor because the medicine had various effects .. r n r nkmdn there is a doctor who said that currently in Indonesia there is no more allergy test, is it true a doctor? How best is the solution?

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Hi Priscilia. Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Allergic reaction (hypersensitivity) is an excessive and inappropriate immune response to a certain substance / substance, which in healthy people is actually not harmful. The degree of allergic reactions can vary from mild to severe, namely anaphylaxis. Allergic reactions related to a person's immune system. In general, the immune system plays a role in protecting the body against foreign objects that enter or come into contact and harm the body. However, in certain people or sensitive people, the immune system can overreact to certain substances, so that it can trigger allergies. Everyone's body is different, so the allergic reactions one experiences can be different from one another. Maybe some people are allergic to only one or two substances, while some people are allergic to various types of substances, such as yours. The risk factor for someone suffering from allergies, namely if there is a history of allergies in the family. Likewise, babies and young children are at greater risk because their immune systems are still not fully developed.

Allergic reactions to allergens can occur in several ways, such as:

Direct contact with the skin Gastrointestinal tract through food, drink or drugs that enter Airway (inhalation of dust, smoke, animal dander, etc.) Injection Insect bites, etc. Exposure to sunlight Cold / hot temperature Allergy symptoms can appear within minutes to several hours after contact with an allergen and can manifest in only one or several organs. Some of the following allergy symptoms are usually common:

Red, watery, itchy eyes and sometimes swelling (if the allergen touches the eyes) Itchy, stuffy nose, coughing, phlegm, sneezing or wheezing in asthma (inhaled allergens) Stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea (in food allergens) Itching- itching, blisters, rashes and even peeling of the skin (if the allergen touches the skin) Some allergy tests that can be done at this time, include:

IgE blood test (Immunoglobulin E) Skin test (patch test, intradermal test and prick test) Eosinophil white blood cell test Further you can read the following articles: Allergy diagnosis Some tips that you can do as a precaution:

Avoid / keep allergy-causing allergens away, such as stopping allergy-triggering drugs, not keeping animals at home, avoiding allergenic foods, etc.) Use hypoallergenic soap and detergents Clean household items so they don't become a den of dust and insects. bed and the environment around the house Adequate rest Consume lots of fruits and vegetables that are not allergic to you Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day If you are taking allergy medications (antihistamines) it's best not to drive, because most antihistamines can cause drowsiness. If the allergy symptoms you are experiencing get worse, visit your doctor so that you can evaluate the treatment that has been given and further treatment. Hope this information helps. Best regards, Dr. Shirly

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