Ways To Fix Cavities?

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, when can cavities be remineralized through stem cells or other techniques such as using Alzheimer’s drugs or reminova techniques?

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From the information you conveyed, the use of stem cells for the management of patients with dental complaints and disorders is currently still in the research phase. The use of stem cells for dental care is an interesting topic to be developed and benefit patients with tooth decay.

Several stem cell studies for human teeth have been conducted, relating to:

1. DPSCs: Dental pulp stem cells

2. SHED: Stem cell from human exfoliated teeth

3. SCAP: stem cell from apical papilla

4. PDLSCs: periodontal ligament stem cells

From these studies, gave positive results, such as the Cordeiro daru study which concluded that Both DPSCs and SHED could help regenerate pulp and dentin.

So that some countries have provided tooth stem cell banking, such as in Japan or Norway.

However, for the application to humans, we have yet to obtain supporting research data. So it is better if research on stem cells and their benefits is still being developed and waiting for their direct application to humans, although the time is not certain.

That is the information we can convey, also read stem cells.

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