Weak Body, Always Drowsy And Vomiting?

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Hello …. Want to ask … My child is 3 years old. Lately, I often feel weak and sleepy, yesterday I recovered but instead vomited …. What disease do you think my child has? … Please help. Thank you

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Hi Chandra,

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Limp and drowsiness in children can be signs of dehydration symptoms. This condition can arise from excessive loss of fluids and electrolytes, including when your child is vomiting. The causes of vomiting can vary, ranging from gastritis (increased stomach acid), gastroenteritis (gastrointestinal tract infection), food poisoning, malabsorption, intolerance, head injury, drug side effects, appendicitis (appendicitis), other viral or bacterial infections, and etc.

How many children do you vomit in a day? Are there any other complaints you have? Have you checked your child to the doctor?

It could also be the weakness and drowsiness that your child experiences due to anemia (low blood hemoglobin), hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), hypotension (low blood pressure), heart problems, viral or bacterial infections, shock (shock), side effects of drugs ( for example anti-allergic drugs, anti-itching), impaired liver function, kidneys, thyroid gland, and so on.

Don't delay getting your child checked by the doctor. Through a thorough physical evaluation or assisted by blood tests, X-rays, or ultrasound, doctors generally can determine the best treatment steps.

As a first step, try the following efforts:

Give the child a lot to drink, if necessary, make ORS. Let the child rest a lot. Also, give the child a little, but often. Prioritize soft feeding first. Limit spicy foods, coconut milk, fruit, and milk. When the child vomits, calm him down, tilt his body, don't panic. Avoid giving drugs arbitrarily to children outside the doctor's supervision. Hopefully this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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