Weak Body, Frequent Headaches And Decreased Appetite?

Illustration of Weak Body, Frequent Headaches And Decreased Appetite?
Illustration: Weak Body, Frequent Headaches And Decreased Appetite? Bing

For the past few weeks, my appetite has decreased, maybe once a day. Even when you’re hungry, it’s lazy. The body is also weak. Frequent headaches, nausea too and several times stomach ache. At that time I checked the doctor he said my blood pressure was low and I was given gastric medicine. But still. Guess ” what am I sick? What is the medicine?rnThank you

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Hi Mafu.. Thank you for the question given.

Complaints in the stomach can be caused by various things. Complaints as you describe can be caused by:

Gastritis -- inflammation of the stomach. May be accompanied by symptoms of bloating, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, loss of appetite. This can be triggered by irregular eating patterns, the habit of consuming caffeine.

Stomach ulcer -- an ulcer in the stomach, caused by a bacterial infection, stress, smoking, and alcohol. Symptoms that arise are heartburn, pain also spreads to the neck and back, feels sore when the stomach is empty, and temporarily improves with eating or with stomach acid-lowering drugs.

Dyspepsia -- a collection of symptoms such as a full stomach after eating, feeling full quickly, passing excess gas, burning sensation in the throat.

Complaints of weakness and headaches that you feel can be caused by a lack of food intake. Lack of food intake can cause low body blood sugar / hypoglycemia and low blood pressure. If you feel that your complaints are not getting better, your body is getting weaker, it's hard to eat, it's disturbed in your activities, or your bowels are black, then it's a good idea to see a specialist in internal medicine. The doctor will perform a physical examination and may proceed with blood tests, abdominal ultrasound, and endoscopy if needed.

What you need to do:

Eat with a regular pattern
If you don't have an appetite, then eat in small portions but with a more frequent frequency
Avoid caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol
Enough rest
Temporarily reduce strenuous activity
Avoid emotional stress

May be useful

dr. Iriyanti

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