Weak Body, Weight Loss And Bloody Stool?

Illustration of Weak Body, Weight Loss And Bloody Stool?
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Hello .. I want to ask why it has been 1 month since the body is weak and seems warm but there is no fever and weight loss and the stools have mucus / pus sometimes blood and anus are sometimes a bit painful and sore “that’s why 2 months ago I was in anal sex … Please answer .. Thank you

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Hello Ahmad,

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It is normal to have slimy bowel movements. However, if the mucus comes out in large quantities it can be a sign of disease. Mucus, which can indicate a health problem is usually accompanied by other symptoms such as:

The presence of blood or pus in the stool
Abdominal pain or cramps
So more frequent or less frequent bowel movements
Pale and body feels weak

The above symptoms indicate a problem in the digestive tract. Some of the diseases that can cause the symptoms above are;

- Ulcerative colitis, is a disease that causes chronic inflammation of the colon and rectum

- Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

- Chron's disease, an inflammation that affects the digestive system, can be from the mouth to the large intestine

- Anal abscess, an infection in the anal area that can cause pus to drain from the anus

- Anal fistula, an abnormal connection between the lining on the inside of the anal canal (back) and the skin near the anus

- Dysentery or other intestinal infections

- Colon cancer, etc.

Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. We recommend that you check with a doctor. The doctor will ask some questions, a physical examination such as an abdominal examination, anus examination to see if there are any abnormalities, or a rectal toucher. The doctor will also order blood tests. If the cause has not been found then there are several supporting tests that can be done, such as stool culture tests, colonoscopy, endoscopy, X-rays, MRI, or CT-scan.

The anal sex you have may or may not have an impact on your current symptoms. To be sure, you have to go to a doctor so you can get the right treatment. Anal sex can pose several risks including sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, genital herpes, genital warts, chlamydia, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Exposure to the HPV virus due to sex can trigger the growth of warts on the anus to anal cancer. Even after anal sex, bleeding can occur due to hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids), injury to the anus, and also the large intestine.

Things you can do at home for a while;

Increase fluid intake
Avoid sour and spicy foods
Eat fruits and foods high in fiber
Avoiding having anal sex

Thank you, hope it helps.


dr. Rizki

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