Weak Heart Beat Accompanied By Cold Sweat?

Illustration of Weak Heart Beat Accompanied By Cold Sweat?
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I want to ask, I am 21 years old and I have never had a serious illness before but after a few days ago I had a high fever. My heart seemed to be beating weakly and sometimes it felt like falling from a height and sometimes in cold sweat. What are the signs of disease? Thank you

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From the information you have conveyed, complaints of fever and heartbeat such as irregularity or maybe weakness, this complaint is a common condition that often occurs in patients with fever and decreased physical condition. Therefore, with this complaint alone, the cause of your complaint cannot be ascertained. However, with a direct examination by your family doctor or an internal medicine doctor, the cause of fever, weak heart, cold sweats can be confirmed by a direct examination by a doctor.

Some of the conditions below can cause complaints like yours, such as:

1. Typhus

2. dengue fever

3. digestive infections

4. laryngitis

5. lung disorders, especially when accompanied by coughing or shortness of breath

Therefore, it is necessary that you consult directly with your family doctor and / or an internal medicine doctor to determine the cause of your complaint. Blood tests or radiological examinations can be arranged to confirm the cause.

For now, it's best to take care of your physical condition, and avoid spicy foods, fried rice and instant food. Get enough water and avoid sleeping late at night.

That's the info we can convey, read also the discussion.

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