Weakness In One Side Of The Body In 8 Year Olds?

HealthReplies.com My child is 8 years old since the right side of the body is weak so that the balance and physical condition is more dominant to the left such as hemipirasis. Even his long legs are one side that I ask what should I do and where should I check?

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Has this condition occurred since your child was born or has there been an incident that triggered it (for example there has been a history of previous head injuries, seizures, or infections)? Does this condition occur suddenly or progressively (getting progressively worse)?

Basically there is a weakness on one side of the body caused by disorders of the brain. Disturbances in the brain can be caused by several possibilities, for example:

bleeding in the brain or blockages in blood vessels in the brain
brain injury (can be due to an accident, can be due to brain injury during labor for example because the child is not breathing for long)
brain tumor
infection of the brain
certain syndromic diseases

You should take your child to a pediatrician (if you are in your city, look for a neurology consultant pediatrician) so that you can further evaluate your child. It is likely that the doctor will perform investigations such as a CT scan or MRI of the head to see the condition of your child's brain.

For now, as long as it's not yet known exactly why, you can't do much. The examination should be done as soon as possible and do not delay because this condition has been going on since your child was small.

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