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Dear Alodoker, nDo me lately check my eyes to the sp eye doctor, the result is the right eye is minus-0.75 and the left eye is -0.25. What I want to ask, am I obliged to always wear glasses when I do activities? NFrom what I feel because my left eye is not too big minus so it doesn’t really interfere with my activities, it just feels disturbing when I am in class looking at the writing on the board which is too far away. nSo actually what is the recommendation for wearing minus glasses? because I’m also the first time using glasses. nOiya, when looking at gadgets is it advisable to wear these minus glasses too? nThank you

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Hello Gisa, thank you for your question to HealthReplies.com.

Minus the eye or known as myopia is a condition where the shadow / light entering the eye does not fall right on the retina, more precisely for the minus condition, the light falls in front of the retina. This will cause the view to be blurred or unfocused. In addition, in some people even this visual disturbances can cause headaches, dizziness, eye fatigue, and so on.

There are several things that can affect a person's eyes to the minus, for example:

There is interference with the part of the eye that functions for refraction of light, for example the cornea or the lens of the eye
The influence of environmental factors, such as staring at the gadget screen for too long, watching or reading with a distance of sight that is too close, and so forth.

These various causes and their manifestations of a person's sharp eyesight can be dealt with by using minus lens glasses. The lens of these glasses serves to help refract light so that incoming light can fall right on the retina and the view does not become blurred.

These minus glasses are recommended to be used all the time, even if you do not experience complaints when conditions / see certain objects. You can still see clearly because it is helped by compensation from the lens of your eye (the lens will bulge so that the shadow can fall on the retina). But over time if this is allowed to continue, can cause eye fatigue and the lens is easily experiencing 'stiffness'. So, you are advised to wear glasses even if you are not in class. When viewing any gadget you are advised to use these glasses.

Keep in mind that the use of glasses can not reduce the minus, but it will improve your eyesight and complaints in the eyes (eg, the eyes feel sore, and so on). For more details, you do not need to hesitate to ask this to your eye doctor. The doctor will certainly answer your question and provide the best solution for you.

Meanwhile, keep your eye health condition by:

Avoid staring at the monitor / television // mobile phone screen / other gadgets in close proximity to the long term
Try to read with good lighting
Use eyeglass lenses that suit your eye condition
Increase consumption of nutritious foods / drinks (vegetables and fruits) and which are rich in vitamin A

Check the condition of your eyes at least once a year

Also read: Learn more about the minus eye.

That's all, hopefully it's useful and I hope you are always healthy.


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