Weight Loss Accompanied By Decreased Appetite And Productivity, Should You See A Psychiatrist?

Illustration of Weight Loss Accompanied By Decreased Appetite And Productivity, Should You See A Psychiatrist?
Illustration: Weight Loss Accompanied By Decreased Appetite And Productivity, Should You See A Psychiatrist? draxe.com

Morning, now I am on an outpatient basis after appendectomy and hospitalized for 9 days because of gastric bleeding. I feel that I need a face-to-face psychologist or psychiatrist who is usually put in a psychiatric clinic to help stabilize this unstable emotion because I am irritable, sad, etc. which are difficult to control. Is it covered by BPJS? do I need to come to the clinic after the doctor reads my complaint below? r n r nDuring the hospitalization, my heart is devastated because the wedding plans were canceled unilaterally for no reason. we have been dating for 10 years and have been engaged. There are many lies behind me that are always denied that make me suffer indigestion because I harbor disappointment but every time I ask to disband he always promises to be better. I try to move on and get over it but until now there is a lack of appetite. I have forced to increase my portion of food but my mouth feels bland. I am trying to make peace with the past, realizing that it is not a mate that can only be together for a moment but not united by Him. I improve the quality of worship. I also train not to be easily provoked by emotions. It felt more peaceful but sometimes I was dumbfounded and my superiors observed it. I feel like my productivity has decreased. I want to be as healthy as ever. Before having a relationship, my weight was 59.5 kg, now it is 45 kg with a height of 160 cm.

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. We are sorry about your condition. Regarding the need for a psychologist or psychiatrist, a misconception that often occurs in ordinary people is that people often easily go to a cardiologist when they are worried about heart disease, go to a pulmonary doctor when they are worried there is an abnormality in the lungs, go to a cancer doctor or oncologist if there is a lump in the body, and go to an internal medicine doctor if there is something they judge wrong in their internal organs, regardless of the outcome whether it is really a disease that needs to be treated or is actually simple. But they are very reluctant to go to a psychiatrist even though they clearly feel that their complaints are thought-centered.

You don't have to have a serious mental illness before you can see a psychiatrist. It's up to you to see a psychiatrist, and your psychiatrist will not judge or refuse to treat you if what you are experiencing is not a mental illness. It doesn't matter and it is your right if you want to see a psychiatrist just to talk, raise a problem or find a solution outside of medical treatment.

In your case, the sadness you feel has the potential to lead to depression, or a severe psychosomatic state where your physicality is greatly affected by your mental status / feelings. This can be seen with a decrease in body weight of almost 15 kg, as well as decreased appetite and productivity.

Regarding whether it is covered by BPJS or not, it is no different from the BPJS stages in other specialties. If the puskesmas doctor assesses that your condition must be handled by a psychiatrist and you get a referral, then it will be covered by the BPJS. On the other hand, regardless of your illness, whether physical or mental, if the puskesmas doctor thinks you can be treated at the puskesmas so that you don't need a referral, a specialist examination will not be covered.

So our advice, check with a psychiatrist. There is no need to be afraid, anxious, especially against the stigma that people build on those who go to a psychiatrist. The feeling disorder you experience is just as 'killing' as any other physical disorder, and doesn't in the least make what you experience less important than your average physical symptoms. Especially with all your efforts, who already understand that you have to improve the quality of worship, try to let go of all burdens, are sincere, but don't succeed, this really indicates that you need professional help.

So back to the point again, what you have done so far to address the problems you face has been very good and needs to be appreciated. But when the problem with your feelings is too big for you to control, do not ever hesitate to consult a psychiatrist or psychologist because it is your right, and their job. So, hopefully it answers your question.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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