Weight Loss In Infants Aged 10 Months?

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Night r n My daughter is 10 months old. R nYesterday her weight was 7kg. But 3 days ago, diarrhea has now decreased to 6.7kg. And until now I don’t want to eat. I just don’t want to eat fluids (not breastfeeding because of dry milk. I’m pregnant again) r nAccording to the table who 6.7kg the lower limit is normal. R nThe child is active. Not lethargic. Cheerful and very lively, thank God. R nNow I’m learning how to walk. R n r nWhether with that bb can affect her growth and development. R nWhat should I do to make her bb get back up

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Hello Leni's mother.

Thank you for the question.

body weight is one indicator of monitoring child development. At the age of 0-12 months, babies will be weighed monthly. There are 2 types of infant weight measurements on the WHO curve for baby girls aged 0-2 years: weight curves for age and curves for body weight for body length. According to the WHO curve for body weight for age, the mother's child is in nutrition

Weight loss in children can be caused by:

lack of nutritional intake because your child actually needs more
thyroid hormone problems
growth hormone problems
other infections such as worms, tuberculosis

The suggestions for feeding a mother's child that I can give according to their current age:

provide a variety of chopped or chopped family foods, including animal sources, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A. Family foods are foods that are eaten with the family.
give 1/2 to 3/4 cups at each meal (1 bowl = 250cc) and given 3-4 times a day
provide a snack 1-2 times a day between meals. The child will eat when hungry. a form of snack can be a biscuit or fruit that is cut so that the child can hold it.

Does the child have diarrhea, did the mother go to the doctor? if not, there may still be an infectious process in the digestive tract so that it still causes disturbances.

Other causes of the child not eating that may occur in the mother's child:

consuming too much fluids
the digestive system is not good
sore throat

We recommend that you consult a Pediatrician so that you know the exact cause of your child not eating.

Hopefully my explanation answers the question.

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