Weight Of 1 Year Old Child?

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I want to ask, my child is 1 year 10 days, his BB is 7.7kg, but at the posyandu, at midwife, in front of BB he has to be at least 9kg because normally his BB is already 9-10kg for 1 year old. My child has never gone up to 2kg in a month, I doubt that in the future he will be able to gain 9kg. My child last month 8. So, but he’s only been out of town (Depok – Jambi) a month there is rather difficult to eat. I read BB 1th normal baby at least BB 3x from BB was born, when BB was born he was 2.5. Is my child malnourished? Thank you

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Hello amanda,

Thank you for the question.

At the age of 1 year, the child's normal body weight ranges from 7.9 - 10.2 kg in female infants, and between 8.6 - 10.9 kg in male infants. Your child's weight has just reached 7.7 kg at the age of 1 year, which does indicate that the body weight is less than optimal, especially if the gender is male.

Referring to your statement, where your child was born with a weight of 2500 grams, then most likely, the current weight that is less than optimal is caused by this. Other factors, such as being born prematurely, having severe illness early in life that makes them have to undergo intensive treatment in hospital, inadequate nutritional intake, certain digestive disorders, hormonal disorders, malignancies, chronic infections, or other chronic diseases can also make weight loss children become less optimal.

Evaluating whether your child's condition is still considered reasonable or not is certainly not enough to do just based on this brief information. A more comprehensive physical examination is needed for your child's nutritional status, developmental status, as well as several other supporting tests if necessary (for example Mantoux, x-ray, blood test, etc.). That way, then the best handling steps can be determined so that the growth can be optimized.

In the meantime, don't panic yet. Try to check your child again to the doctor or pediatrician. In addition, also make the following efforts so that their weight increases more optimally:

 Give your child plenty of milk. Give lots of variety too. MPASI is a balanced nutritional value, don't do it. Teach your children to eat alone, create a pleasant atmosphere to eat, and encourage children to be active so that the child's appetite increases. If the child has difficulty eating, give him snacks healthy and nutrient-rich Keep the environment around the baby so that it is clean and away from people who are contagious. Regularly control the growth and development of infants to the nearest health facility every month.

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