Weight Of Children Aged 6 Years And Sweat Out During Activity?

Illustration of Weight Of Children Aged 6 Years And Sweat Out During Activity?
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Good night, I am a father with 2 children, the first child is a boy aged 6 years, the second child is a girl aged 6 months, my first child, classified as a very active, intelligent, and agile child, with a weight condition of 15kg, because it is classified select select eat, and finally it is very difficult to eat, at most 7-10 bribes SDH is sure to be full with a marked feeling of nausea when eating, coupled with a lot of sweat while doing his daily activities (like running around), I want to ask if it’s normal for boys my man like the above conditions (eating hard, out a lot of sweat during activity) please enlighten me, thank you

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A child's normal weight depends on his age and gender. For boys aged 6 years, normal body weight is 13.7 to 17.0 kg, which means your child's weight is currently within normal limits.

Regarding the amount of food consumed, which need to be considered is the need for calories and nutrients per day. For children aged 6-7 years, caloric needs per day is approximately 1550 kcal, which is divided from several sources. Some of the main nutrients needed by children are:

Carbohydrates (40-60% of calorie requirements, or about 15 tablespoons at each meal): such as rice, noodles, potatoes, bread, flour, etc. Protein (5-15% of calorie requirements): Fish, chicken, beef, eggs, milk, etc. Fat (25-55% of calorie needs): Oil (in fried foods), butter, milk, etc. Vitamins and minerals : fruits and vegetables In addition, the things you need to consider about your child's diet are:

The total amount of consumption per day. Sometimes some children prefer to eat a little, but with more frequent frequencies, or with snacks, snacks, or milk that can cause satiety before the main meal. What you need to consider is the accumulation of calories consumed in one day. Vary the type of food at home. Because each food has different nutritional content, it is highly recommended to make variations so that the child's needs are met, and make the child more interested (increase appetite) Avoid foods or drinks that contain artificial coloring, preservatives, and expired foods . Looking for strategies to make children interested in trying new types of food / not being picky about food On the other hand, sweat is a normal body response when humans do certain activities, which serves to maintain body temperature and fluid balance in the body. The amount of sweat is greatly influenced by physical activity, psychological factors (shock, fear, stress, etc.), room temperature and humidity, and the amount of sweat glands on the skin. Therefore, each person has a different sweat response to the same activity. However, there are also some abnormalities where the child can sweat more than they should. If your child only sweats after an activity such as running around, etc., then it can still be said to be reasonable or normal. However, if your child is always sweating even in a state of rest, in an air conditioned room, etc., consult the condition to the doctor.

To find out more details about nutritional needs, nutritional status, etc. for your child, do not hesitate to consult with a pediatrician, or a nutrition specialist.

Thus, hopefully it can be useful.

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