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I want to ask. I used to be thin, I thought I only had 37 body weight after I drank the papaya leaf herbal medicine, the bb continued to rise until 53. After that I stopped drinking herbal medicine, I still eat a lot of bb is still stable 53. How is that? Is there something wrong with the stomach or what? N Thank you for waiting for the answer

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Hello Amelya, thank you for the question.

A good weight loss should be in the range of 0.5 - 1 kg per week. If in 1 month you lose 4 kg of weight, from 53 kg to 49 kg, then in fact you are still in this range. However, the problem here is, how do you lose as much as 4 kg of weight.

If within a month your diet remains the same, but you continue to lose weight, of course this must be consulted with your doctor first. You can monitor your diet, what you eat, then how much weight you lose per week. Besides that, physical activity must also be taken into account, for example if in this month you do sports at the gym or other sports quite intensely, then this can cause a decrease in your body weight.

If you are not doing any physical activity, but you are still losing weight, there are several things that might trigger this, including:

You are under stress or emotional, physical stress, whether at work or family /
You make diet changes that cause your body to lose weight
Had experienced illness before, such as digestive infections, parasitic infections such as tapeworms, or other conditions
signs and symptoms of malignancy or cancer. However, this must be examined carefully and cannot simply be concluded.

My advice, for now, keep your diet so that it is sufficient for your daily food intake. If you experience a very drastic weight loss, your body becomes weak, there are other complaints such as vomiting, see a doctor immediately. Also consult this with a Clinical Nutritionist.

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Hope this helps.

Dr. Otniel Budi Krisetya

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